First of all this is OOC~ xD So while watching the Little Mermaid 2 in the livestream earlier, some of us decided on a few things…

Let’s start with Melody’s choice in boys. For one they’re both blonde, and two the first one looks like he could be called John Smith Jr.

I mean compare the two of them for a moment

And then you gotta look at the snobby kids that were being mean to Melody

The girl looks like a younger Angelique (from BatB 2)

And the other two boys look like their a young Lumiere and Cogsworth

And then we have the ice obsessed Morgana

She told you to FREAKING KNEEL

Because she could very easily be Loki’s mother with her ice/power obsessions (because come on she could be a frost giant if she weren’t an octomaid)

Don’t forget about Morgana’s sidekick… He starts out as Sharkbait OH HA HA

But he begins to evolve…


But we can’t forget about her random stingrays…

They saw Ariel, but they were like EFF DIS and went off after Steve Irwin because they knew he was in the water (too soon?)

But back to happier things… Here we have this one guy

And this one girl with a blue dress on

So WOW who do they look like to you? Because to me they look like these people…

And last, but not least we have Melody’s second blonde boy

Who looks a lot like Miguel to me… Just saying…

And of course earlier we had watched the first Little Mermaid Movie (and then watched the Ariel’s beginning after the second one…), and there was a comment made about Eric

And how he looks like Tulio…

Sorry if you missed out on all of this, but these livestreams happen every week and if you want to join us for one then keep a look out on the DFD Network for the links because it should always be reblogging that sort of stuff.

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    ((Watching that movie with all of you was the best way to spend my evening XD))
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