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A short trip to visit another country for treaty purposes. Short they said. Edward grinned to himself and shook his head. It wasn’t short at all and he had left so many people without any assistance. Who all might be disappointed in him right now? His kingdom? His children? His lover? It was hard telling and the weight of that impending disappointment was not what he wanted to look forward to.

Trudging into the castle’s front doors, he slipped out of his boots and fell into an armchair by the fire. Slouching down into his surprisingly warm seat, he let out a sigh. He would need to report to the council soon about the treaty’s difficulties, but he just wanted to rest right now. Maybe even ignore his duties and write to Fflewddur and their children. There was so much to catch up on and he was a little disappointed that he did not even get to spend his own birthday with them as a family.

Family… The word had a nice ring to it. It had been a while since Edward truly felt like he had a family. One that he could trust at least. He might be carefree for the most part, but having a family was something he held dear. Especially when he cared so much for Fflewddur, Kendrick, Lleulu, and Gabriella. He would definitely need to propose throwing a get together for all of them to finally enjoy the others’ company as they should have long ago.

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AU Idea

All right, so I’ve noticed that AUs is what really brings us together as a group the most and I was thinking about historical settings in which we could all roleplay in. Sort of like how we did with World War II.

I was watching The Mummy and The Mummy Returns, when the idea struck me that we could do an Egyptian setting. I think it would be unique to do either one similar to the movie, where people can be explorers or actual inhabitants of the are, or one where you could even go as far back as Ancient Egyptian times.

You do not necessarily have to do this with me, but I’m hoping the idea is one that you all would like if it’s something that can bring you all together as a group.

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Damsel, But Not in Distress \ Elizabeth and Edward


“It’s Elizabeth actually,” She commented without looking at him, she was truly curious as to whether they would drop their weapons. They seemed to be considering it, but obviously not enough to do it since the one who grabbed her charged at them. Their swords clashed and Elizabeth prayed that she could remember everything Will had taught her. 

He was much bigger than her making it difficult, “If you were going to jump in now would be the time to do it.” She called over her shoulder, while she didn’t want his help 3 against one wasn’t exactly easy when the one only had one sword.

"Elizabeth? Quite a lovely name." He watched her curiously, before noticing one of the men charge at her. His hand was still gripped tightly to his own sword, but he did not want to charge in just yet since she had told him she could handle herself.

Once she gave him the cue to help, he felt his hands easily just with his sword, and breezing himself right into the fight. It was a challenge for him just as it might have been for her, since he was not used to their style of fighting, but he did his best to aid her.


WB: Yes, marvel idea!

WB: Regrettably, the only company I’ve had the “pleasure” in your absence was Mim.

WB: It’s like the woman is attached to me like hornets to nectar!

WB: Seeing you again ffor a change might be a reffreshing change.

RV: A dashing change indeed. I would love to see my good fellow once again.

RV: I believe one of our last meetings was for my birthday.

RV: It really has been quite some time.

RV: Perhaps you could play us a tune when we next meet?

RV: I would love to hear your music once again!

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“Oh!” The blonde quickly curtsied at hearing his royal title. “Please to meet you your highness, I am Princess Aurora of Dawn.”


Edward bowed to her and took her hand before placing a gentle kiss upon it. “It is an honor to meet a fellow royal, fairest Princess Aurora of Dawn. It is not often that I meet fellow royalty.”



“Oh, I don’t know! I’ve never been here before, after all, and I’m not sure what all there is to see! What’s your favorite thing to go and visit?” she asked, looking around, wondering what she would find if she went in all the different directions possible.

Edward’s smile and tone of voice softened at the proposal to visit his own favorite part of the kingdom, “Why, that would be the royal gardens. Yes, there’s a spot just beyond them where my family’s graves are laid to rest.” He took her hand gently in his own before smiling exuberantly at her, “Would you care to see the most beautiful flowers in all the land?”

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100 Days 100 Fanvids — 030/100  

“It’s the most powerful thing in the world…”by 

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